How to search buy and download images

How to search buy and download images :


This post will describe about various way user can browse the images in ePhotoBuy and it will tell how the payment flow goes in our system and after successful payment from where user can download images.

How to search images?
How does payment flow goes and Where are my purchased images ? and why signup ?

How to search images?

Search Box : Just type keyword in search box and you will find your images from ePhotoBuy and other Symbiostock artists as well. Menu Category : User friendly dropdown box with various options under the “Image Category” tab on top right. Drop down options include All Categories , Category List and various other separate category links ranging from “Abstract” to “Travel”.

Pictorial view: How to search images Top

How does payment flow goes and Where are my purchased images ? and why signup ?

Payment options at ePhotoBuy :
1. Paypal
2. Payumoney

One major advantage with ePhotoBuy compare to other big agencies is that the download is instant and payment is flexible, unlike other stock photo agencies where the user need to require a larger amount of money to buy credits or apply for subscriptions. Here simply select your image(s) and pay using secure and easy “Paypal” or “Payumoney” payment system. After successful payment you can download image from download area of Cart & Download.

Why Signup :For Payment and Download ,ePhotoBuy require very easy and quick signup , Hence user can manage his files from My Account -> Cart & Download Section

Note:For browsing image user need not signup.

Pictorial view: How to select images, payment flow and the location (Cart and Download Area) from here user can download images

1) Using Paypal Payment System : 

PayPal Acceptance

Paypal Payment System

PayPal is the faster, safer , secure and most loved way to pay internationally via a mobile device , desktop , laptop , tablet or any in store , more details about is available here -> PAYPAL Payment flow and download images

2) Using Payumoney Payment System :


Pay with various payment mode

Payumoney is fast ,easy and secure payment solution and flagship product of leading payment gateway Payu.

Payumoney : Recommended for Buyer from India , We have integrated all the functionality of Payumoney and tested thoroughly and we assure Payumoney is one of the easiest and hassel free payment gateway we have ever used , UI is very user friendly and creamy , If any buyer is interested to pay through Payumoney , Please follow bellow simple steps till we integrate direct checkout option with ePhotoBuy :

Payumoney Payment flow and download images

Please release money from Payumoney/Payu upon succesful receiving image(s).

Payumoney supports all the major cards and Indian Net Banking facility , Indian user paying through Payumoney can be eligible for cash back offer from Payumoney or Discount from us , since checkout options are not available as of now we will be happy to give discount to our users ,  Please make sure to release money from Payumoney , as Payu holds money at their end to make sure product is delivered to Buyer.

Please feel free to Contact us in case of any query of difficulty in downloading images.

Thank you for visiting ePhotoBuy , we will be happy to serve you again and again.


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